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Each wedding is a different story. A reportage is not a single shot, but a coherent story that has to bring the memories and arouse emotions.


  • True love can be seen with the naked eye, in a crowd, in the middle of the street - even without a white gown. What I want to show in the photographs is the naturalness and the history they tell. Without posing...

    Vogue, 14.02.2013

  • I will never stop enjoying publications. There would be nothing to photograph if it weren’t for a beautifully organized ceremony. And it was a really wonderful wedding day. Beautiful weather, surroundings, guests and the couple. A climate that becomes embedded in your memory.

    Vogue, 14.02.2013

  • A Silesian wedding may look quite different than you imagine. I congratulate the couple on their ideas and courage. Organizing such a day required a lot of effort but the effect is priceless!

    Wedding, 14.02.2013

  • Bridelle is probably known by all the couples that are looking for a wedding inspiration. In an easy way they show that you can organize a beautiful party, no different from those of foreign magazines, which doesn’t require a huge budget. It can be simple, beautiful and with taste. This time I had an opportunity to appear in the first issue of an online magazine.

    Bridelle, 14.02.2013

  • I have the pleasure of publishing my articles and sessions on fantastic sites that help me promote a professional approach to wedding photography. However, the greatest pleasure is to have in my hands a beautiful, luxurious and smelling magazine. Published photos are not only an inspiration for future newlyweds, but also a keepsake for me.

    Moda na ślub, 14.02.2013

Why I became photographer

I love fashion, art and travels, I’m changeable, however, I grow incredibly attached to some things. It’s exciting to meet new people, get to know them and work with them. I don’t have permanent inspirations. Collections in stores change at least 4 times a year and I love it! To refresh the look of what have been seen many times and to discover new colour palettes. I want my photos to reflect what enthuses me – I want them to be trendy, stylish and natural. I want my job to make someone feel special. I want to create something that people around consider beautiful.

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Do you want to know whether I am available for your wedding? +48 792 998 534

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